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Monday, October 23, 2017
For the Glory of Christ Alone
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What Is the Most Important Part of Our Church Vision?

Pastor's Page

                                                                                                                                                                                      October 10, 2017


Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come from God and was going to God

~John 13:3


                I read this passage last night in my family altar time, and this verse spoke to me. The context of this passage has Jesus girding Himself as a servant, kneeling down, and washing His disciples’ feet. Such an act of loving, humble service ought to motivate us to even deeper levels of selfless service, but there is even more richness to the account when you really pay attention to the verses. Whenever I’ve read this passage in the past, I have sped through verses 2 & 3 seem to interrupt the flow of the narrative account of Jesus’ washing their feet. I’ve done so not wanting to lose the audience’s attention in what often seemed to be an interruption of thought rather than an embellishment of the activities. Well, last night I heard it and listened in a way that I had not before. And, oh, what richness I have missed in speeding through this verse. Let me explain to you what I mean.

                The Gospel of John gives us the accounts of Jesus’ miracles that we might believe in Him as the Son of God. What is included there is included for our benefit – that we might believe (John 20:30-31). But within that narrative, we see the sovereignty of God clearly established. There were multiples times when the religious leaders sought to kill Jesus during His earthly ministry, but each time He slipped from their grasp (Luke 4:28-30; John 10:31). The reason was simple. In God’s sovereign decision, His time had not yet come (John 7:6). Until now… Now His hour was upon Him. Now was the time decided in eternity past when the Lord Jesus Christ would assume His role as the sacrificial Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the entire world. He was ready to die. And this makes these passages some of the most heart-wrenching, poignant verses in the Bible. And yet I don’t see Jesus being forlorn or anxious. I see Him embracing His destiny with calm assurance. The Lord is ready to face down whatever the enemy might throw at Him, and He does it with grace and dignity. How can that be? Verse 3 gives us some insight.

                First, Jesus knew that the Father had given all things into His hands. This speaks of the power and authority that the Lord possessed at that very moment. Truthfully did He tell Peter that He could call down more than twelve legions of angels and prevent His death (Matt. 26:53). He possessed that right by virtue of who He was, and yet His will embraced God’s plan for Him for a higher purpose. Whatever was lost in that moment of defeat would be far more repaid in the days to follow. All things had been given into His hands. The Lord Jesus was already more than a conqueror!

                Might we be able to hold to the same things? Now, let’s be clear, as if we need the reminder – WE ARE NOT JESUS! So some of the specific promises made to Him are not ours to claim, but they ARE ours to enjoy by virtue of our union with Him through faith. That is why Paul proclaims that you and are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ” (Romans 8:17). I would encourage you to read the rest of Romans 8 and see how those precious promises work themselves out in the children of God. It’s pretty powerful stuff! You and I are recipients of the blessings of God because of what the Lord Jesus Christ was willing to do for us. The question is, “Will we allow that privilege to shape how we live and how we serve?” Jesus did; we ought to as well.

                Secondly, Jesus knows whose He is. He knows where He has come from. This is not John’s way of saying that Jesus had no awareness of His divine heritage before this moment. There are too many passages to the contrary for us to affirm such nonsense. Jesus knew full well whose He was, and it greatly impacted the reality of what He would do. Come what may, the Lord trusted the heart of His loving Father with every facet of His being and life. God knows those who are His (2 Tim. 2:19). Are we His? If we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ we are! And so we throw ourselves upon the sovereign heart of God. Whatever comes our way is not a cosmic accident or coincidence, but falls totally under the umbrella of God’s will and purpose. Those things might not seem it at the time. No pain feels good at the time, but God’s providential watchcare over our lives can produce some really amazing things if we allow it (Heb. 12:11). Do you know WHOSE you are? Do you know and believe that God is willing and able to work out the details of your life if you live in faith and obedience? Jesus did. And He most certainly is our example in this!

                Thirdly, Jesus knows where He is going. He knows that He is going to God again! There is a commentary teaching in Mormonism that claims that the beauty of Paradise is so great that if we could catch but a glimpse of it, we’d kill ourselves just to get there. I totally disagree with Mormonism theologically and otherwise, but I don’t disagree with the concept of how beautiful the afterlife will be. As I prepare the funeral message for Miss LaVerne Huda, I am again blessed to consider our heavenly home. This dear lady, as much of a blessing as she was to me personally, struggled with a body and mind that was failing her. How can I grieve that in a moment those ailments were swallowed up in the perfect, incorruptible immortality the Lord promises to His children? How can any of us for too long be content in this world when we consider the beauty that God has in store in Revelation 21-22? Jesus had been there. He’d emptied Himself of all that splendor and privilege, but soon it would be His again forever. And even more, it would be available to us too! And so He was willing to face the adversity knowing the outcome was secure and immensely blessed. And we should too!

                These are practical conclusions about this verse. They’re practical because they’re what Jesus held to here in the waning moments of His life. What if we could live everyday knowing what is ours, knowing whose we are, and knowing where we’re going? If the prospect and reality of our blessed rebirth were constantly before our eyes, I don’t think many of the things we worry and fret about would ever touch us. Not that bad things wouldn’t come our way at times. But, my goodness, look what we have in store for us! But it also affects us practically in another way. I’m reminded that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples…of all 12 of them…even of Judas Iscariot who would betray Him. Judas wouldn’t respond to the Lord’s love, but the Lord’s display of service for His life was clear in this act of washing His feet. And how could Jesus look at the one who would hurt Him the most…and still tenderly wash his feet? Because He knew what was His, whose He was, and where He was going. It affected His life in practical ways. Enemies and betrayers wouldn’t set Him off of the path of life and peace. Jesus held too strongly to these spiritual realities to let anything come before them.

                Here is my challenge for you this week. Take at least one of these concepts (what we have, whose we are, where we’re going) and meditate on it as much as you can. Don’t rush on to another without trying to squeeze every bit of spiritual nutrition from the one you choose. Are you struggling materially or physically? Think on what you have! Are you doubting God’s love and providence in your life? Think on whose you are! Are you in danger of quitting and stopping? Think on where you’re going. Sufficient for each and every battle are these thoughts. I pray that you will consider them and be blessed in them this week! May the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your hearts now and always!!

                I will be starting a tag at the end of each entry called the “Scripture Challenge.” This will be a piece of obscure trivia for you that might help you dig a little deeper into God’s Word. It’s just for fun, but it just might yield a blessing to you in the search. Correct answers will be awarded by the Lord in heaven! Hope you enjoy it!


 ~Bro. Benjamin


Who was the 2nd oldest man in the Scriptures?                  


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