Shallowford Free Will Baptist
Friday, April 26, 2019
For the Glory of Christ Alone

Shallowford Youth



Keep involved with our Children's Church lessons on "GODLINESS" at home using the following links:

September 3--Jesus Showed the Meaning of Service
September 10--Serving Others Shows Spiritual Maturity
September 17--Serving Others Helps Bring Them to Jesus
September 24--Serving Others Is Service to God

Vacation Bible School (June, 2016) - Barnyard Roundup!!!!!






Vacation Bible School (June, 2015) - WELCOME TO OUTBACK ROCK!!!!!


Vacation Bible School (June, 2014)


Stone Mountain Trip (June, 2013)

              Looks like butterflies are attracted to sweet people!

Chillin' with Thomas and Drayden                                        Look at Brady go
Yep, that's one of ours way up there...                              Brady F in the Butterfly Pavilion


Cooling down a bit                                                            Look at Emma Kate go!